Counting is a bilingual board book in Unified English Braille and English, and it is part of the DK Braille series. It offers young readers an introduction to the concept of counting, numbers one through ten, and Braille. The construction of this book captures the eye and mind of the young reader using bright vibrant colors, cut outs, and a variety of textures. The cover of this book is just as engaging as the pages that follow. The English title’s font is modern and bright, and the title is repeated underneath in Braille. This pattern can be seen on the subsequent pages where rhyming couplets in English are paired with their translation in Braille. The illustrations encourage young readers to explore not only the numbers but different textures. Young readers will appreciate the variety of textures used in the illustrations, especially when they get to the page with nine sticky worms. Another great example of this is the book’s treatment on the number five. Above the text, “Five birds singing in the trees,” is an illustration of five fuzzy birds, which exemplifies the mindfulness of the creators in making both the text and illustrations accessible to tactile learners. This book will encourage young learners and incite a giggle or two as you share this book one-on-one.