Mare Barrow lives in a world divided by blood. As a Red she is a common peasant who thieves to help her family get by. Her people are watched and controlled by the Silvers, who rule over the Reds with their superhuman abilities. When faced with death while serving at a Silver event, Mare discovers she has superhuman powers of her own. She must now work on taking down the Silvers while living in their world.

Mare’s character is relatable; fearless, outspoken, and a little naïve, she will stop at nothing to make sure the Reds get the justice they deserve. This heavily enriched fantasy uses first person to give all the details of Mare’s world as she discovers it herself. With familiar characters – an evil queen, two dueling brothers, and a best friend that may or may not count as a fourth component in a love triangle – the Red Queen takes a new twist on the age old story.

This teen fantasy novel has deception lurking from every corner. From Mare’s fight to what’s right, being a Red with Silver powers, and caught between two loves; Mare learns the valuable lesson that anyone can betray anyone. The suspenseful novel has all the twist and turns to an unexpected end game.


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