The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a compilation of 20 short stories by Stephen King. While many of these stories have been previously published, he adds never before seen, unpublished stories to the mix. Weaving throughout each story is a narrative from King about where, why, when, and how he came to write these stories. Not all of them follow the traditional horror genre for him, but each are unique and stand on their own.

If there is one novel that is necessary to listen to instead of read, this is it. The stories are narrated by 15 accomplished writers, actors, and other creative minds including Hope Davis, Peter Friedman, Will Patton, and Thomas Sadoski. Each narrator brings their own spin on the story they are telling. Throughout the book King narrates his thoughts about the stories, telling the reader how they came to be, the writing process, and other personal details. The audiobook truly feels like all of these individuals have come to the reader’s home to tell a story. Although all are written by one author, having multiple narrators plunges the reader into a magical land of twists and turns. Because all of the stories are unique, there is something for every reader in this compilation. Horror, fantasy, and mystery collide with the ideas of morality, the afterlife, and the universe as we know it. Each story has its own sense of eeriness which will lead the reader to examine their lives through the lenses provided in each tale.