Need help understanding adverbs? Curious about what anthropomorphism means? The Know-Nonsense Guide to Grammar may be just what you’re looking for! Covering everything from parts of speech to literary devices, this book is a fun way to reinforce some key language concepts or inspire the budding author to use a few new tricks. Each page focuses on a different aspect of language, defines it, explains it, and gives an example. With illustrations on par with some of your favorite picture books, this grammar guide is not just practical but very cute. From dance parties in the jungle to pie eating contests, pirate ships and camping trips, The Know-Nonsense Guide to Grammar makes it relatively painless to polish up those language skills! After all, how can learning not be fun when mummies, weightlifting birds, and firefighting giraffes all have your back? Overall it’s an effectively designed, well-crafted book that can be a useful supplemental tool for elementary schoolers to further their understanding of language and help develop their reading and writing skills.