After tragedy struck, Marin left San Francisco behind, along with her home and everyone she knew. Staying alone in her New York dorm over winter break, she will be forced to deal with her past when an old friend flies 3,000 miles to see her. No doubt it will be an anxious and uncomfortable visit, as Marin hasn’t told Mabel (or anyone else) exactly what happened, or why she disappeared. Besides, their relationship isn’t what it used to be.

If you’ve ever been lonely Marin is easy to relate to, and if you haven’t, she will show you how exhausting it can be. How sometimes you don’t even realize how alone you were until you aren’t anymore. We Are Okay is a sharply touching story, and Marin a fierce observer of “the world outside.” There is just enough wit, sadness, softness, and quote-able one liners to feel everything deeply from Marin’s perspective without being overwhelmed. A book about family and different kinds of love, We Are Okay is an honest and intimate look at loss and betrayal.  Nina LaCour’s writing is straightforward but still strong enough to pull readers in. If, however, you’re strongly opposed to shedding a tear over a book, it might be wise to pass this one up.