13 year old Jessamine can see people’s thoughts and speak to the dead. To learn about her newfound powers, she is shipped off the live with a family friend in a house full of supernatural beings. During this time she learns the dark secrets about her father and the man who killed him. With her father’s killer back from the dead and a mysterious disease spreading throughout London; Jessamine, with her powerful friends, must defeat him before he destroys everyone.

This fast paced scary story never has a dull moment. Ronald L Smith makes sure every word has a purpose and that the story stays captivating. Smith’s extensive research makes 1864 London come to life with his accuracy of the time. By taking true events in history and twisting them with unique supernatural abilities, he is able to create a compelling hero’s journey. This is combined with creepy visions, ghouls, and tons of internal conflict as Jessamine struggles to find herself, while also trying fight the undead.

The Mesmerist is a captivating story about loss, friendship, and coming of age. Jessamine and her friends display fearless girl power in this action packed thriller. Young lovers of horror will not be disappointed.

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