A day at the beach comes to a close as the sun begins to set; a mother cuddles her sleepy little one, giving comfort and promises that more adventures await them tomorrow. The caregiver reflects on the experiences of the day: encounters with purple starfish, sand castles, and sand dollars. What wonders will tomorrow bring at the beach or in dreamland tonight?

Author Laurie Elmquist and illustrator Elly MacKay have created a book that encapsulates the essence of a summer day spent at the beach. The cover shows our little one enjoying their day at the beach, and it foreshadows the images chosen for the caregiver’s lullaby. Elmquist’s minimal text has a calming cadence that lends itself to the soft and subtle illustrations. Sometimes only a single word appears on a page, the short verses intermingled with longer lines creating a croon that reflects naptime flights of fancy.  The text and illustrations work together to depict the dreamy end to a perfect day at the beach. The color palette used by MacKay is earthy and muted; the few pops of color, like the purple starfish, are darker in color, hinting that night is falling on the beach. The illustrations, created from paper, fill the page, while the sparse text complements the illustrations with its simple font.  The layering of textured paper and the realistic embellishments adds depth to the illustrations. This book makes a wonderful summer read, but its magic will capture readers year round.