Tiger is asleep, but she is blocking the way of Frog, Fox, Turtle, Mouse, and Stork. These friends have a bunch of balloons and someplace they have to be. The animals will have to work together to sneak past Tiger without waking her up and Frog has a great plan: they will use the balloons to float over Tiger. Both Frog and Fox are able to cross without waking Tiger. Will Turtle, Mouse, and Stork be able to float over Tiger too? Our animal friends will need the reader’s help to make it to their party without waking Tiger.

Teckentrup’s interactive plot, playful illustrations and font are the wonderful elements that allow young readers to remain engaged with this story from the first to the last page. The text grows with the characters’ and narrator’s emotions, and the font is often bold, especially when the characters are excited or the reader is called to action.  Like the text, the illustrations pop against the white background and the choice of colors and textures adds to the experience. Younger readers will enjoy the tactile difference between the bright, matte finish of the animals and the glossy bits of balloon when Stork accidentally bursts one. Britta Teckentrup delivers a storytime hit with Don’t Wake Up the Tiger.