In Red London magicians from all over the empire are celebrating the conclusion of the Essen Tasch, the most prestigious magician competition. In White London, a mysterious creature named Osaron is planning to take Red London as his own, but he will need a vessel to do so, and an Antari vessel at that. It is up to Prince Rhy of Red London; his brother, Kell;  Antari Lila Bard; Antari Holland of White London; and Rhy’s lover, Captain Alucard to find a way to defeat Osaron and save Red London. For Kel, this is no small feat considering it’s Rhys’ life on the line, not his.

Although Conjuring of Light is the third book in the Shades of Magic series, it can be a stand alone novel. The characters are developed and explained concretely, as if they had not been involved in the previous two novels. Slowly, the reader learns of the four Londons, the magic in this world, and the Antaris in a way that makes them seem as relatable and realistic as any London resident. Learning about the dying of magic in White London, while Red London flourishes brings the reader into the anguish of the residents of the former, and the fears of the residents of the latter. The chapters are filled with adventure, violence, love and desperation as each character battles to save something they love. The story becomes even more realistic as magic seeps into Grey London, a place where magic does not belong. Readers can pick up the the first two novels in the series: A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows to continue to get lost in the four Londons.