Antboy is given his powers when bitten by a genetically modified ant which gives him ant-like abilities. His nemesis is the Flee, an evil scientist who must drinks blood to power his Flea-like abilities. Antboy consumes sugar (like an ant) to keep up his ant like strength and abilities.

The Antboy series of movies is everything you could want from a children’s superhero movie. Antboy is more about the human side of being a boy superhero, rather than just fighting villains. The focus of the films are on friendship, love, and connecting with others. Antboy is a one-of-a-kind series where the hero has no dark past and the fun just keeps coming. The story takes place in Denmark and is dubbed from the original Danish, so no need to read subtitles. The special effects and powers are a little hokey, but only lend to the lovable nature of the film.