In this first book in Dan Gutman’s new series, four children receive mysterious invitations to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The children have been recruited by a millionaire to help achieve her personal goal of capturing on film important moments in history, and were chosen because of their expected ability to work well as a team. At their first meeting with Ms. Zandergoth, she demonstrates her amazing invention – a smart board that acts as a time machine. In The Lincoln Project, the children are tasked with capturing the moment when Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address – a moment that eluded photographers of the time. Sprinkled throughout the action-filled pages are historical photographs that add interest to the story.

As in most historical fiction, the author has taken liberty to slightly alter some details and the sequence of events, but these changes are explained in the author’s notes. The book ends with a cliffhanger which may be frustrating to readers who prefer a more satisfying conclusion. Part history lesson, and part time-travel adventure story, this book could appeal to Dan Gutman fans and also to children who loved the Magic Tree House books, but are ready for a longer story.