Bunny loves books and especially enjoys outdoor storytime at the library. What will poor bunny do as winter comes and storytime moves inside? Knowing he can’t possibly live without books, bunny hatches a plan when he spies the book return slot! With a hop, a wriggle, and a thud he lands inside. To a book-loving bunny, the full shelves are “better than a field full of fresh, crunchy carrots!” He slides his chosen books out through the slot and returns to his cozy burrow to read.

One by one, his animal friends discover the fun of night-time library visits. Imagine their shock when one night, the lights click on, and there stands the librarian. Pleased to see the eager readers, she explains the rules to them and hands each of them their very own library card. Now the animals’ reading adventures can continue!

The illustrations are as enchanting as the words and add depth and charm to the story. Any book lover could see themselves contentedly curled up with a book in bunny’s warm burrow with a mug of tea and a cupcake. This story would be especially delightful for children who have just gotten their first library card and are beginning their own adventures with books.