The world is not black and white, rather it is a multitude of shades of gray. Heroes can often be found in surprising places, defying our expectations of what is good and what is bad in this world. In the worlds of the stories located in Shadowed Souls you will encounter heroes that rise from prejudice and extraordinary circumstances to overcome monstrous opposition. In “Cold Case”, a story from the world Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Molly Carpenter has just assumed the mantle of the Winter Lady, a position of power and authority in the world of the Fae. For her first mission she is tasked with retrieving a tribute from a remote village in Alaska. After arriving in Alaska it quickly becomes apparent that this is not a simple retrieval mission and the tribute is not what Molly expected.

Shadowed Souls is a collection of short stories written by a number of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Suspense authors. As with many of these compilations the authors range from very popular (Jim Butcher, Kevin J. Anderson) to lesser known. At times this practice can hide less-talented authors amongst the more proficient ones but there’s less of a case of that in Shadowed Souls.

The stories are, for the most part, well written and interesting enough to keep most readers entertained throughout. One of the best parts about short story collections is that if you don’t find yourself enjoying or drawn to a story you can just skip it! Some of the stories are less polished or less interesting but that can be attributed to personal tastes. Overall Shadowed Souls is a good collection, especially for those hungry for a new Dresden Files novel from Butcher.