Babies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Still, they share so many traits. Each two page spread in this book begins with “every day, everywhere” and then shows with words and illustrations all types of babies being fed, rocked, carried, played with, and cuddled.

What makes this book extra special is that it shows that not only is each child unique but so is each family. Traditional families are pictured, but so is a pair of exhausted moms asleep beside their newborn’s cradle. A pair of white grandparents joyfully play with their brown-skinned grandchildren. Some families are breastfeeding their babies while other babies are bottle fed. Some ride in strollers while others ride in cars. These are little snapshots of everyday life in just about every type of family, and they all fit seamlessly together.

Babies and toddlers love reading books about themselves. They are attracted to pictures of other babies doing ordinary things. This book is filled with babies and families going through everyday life. The rhyming text by Susan Meyers and the delightful illustrations by Marla Frazee provide a lighthearted way of showing young children that their family is wonderful no matter what it looks like – and that they themselves are wonderful just as they are.