This is a story about irritable Bear and his first trip to the library. Bear has never been to a library, and he does not want to go.  For Bear three books on kings and queens, three books on honeybees, and one book on pickles are all the books he will ever need.  One day Bear’s friend Mouse comes over and invites Bear to go with him to the library. After much arguing, Mouse finally convinces his friend Bear to visit the library. At the library Mouse shows Bear many different kinds of books, but none of the books suited Bear. Right as Bear is ready to leave the library, he overhears a storytime. The librarian invites the friends to stay and listen. After storytime, Bear  leaves the library with seven new books and he learned that visiting the library can be lots of fun.

Becker’s story is filled with humor. The dialogue between Bear and Mouse highlights their different personalities. The friends’ relationship is further enhanced by the illustrations– Bear’s grumpiness is offset by Mouse’s cheerful disposition. The warm color palette and medium (watercolor and pen) further develop the joviality of the story. The illustrations and text are well balanced.  Becker has written other stories featuring Bear and Mouse, so readers may enjoy exploring other titles.