Do you think your 2-year-old is too young to learn about aerospace engineering? This book, written by Ruth Spiro and illustrated by Irene Chan, just might change your mind! This fun and colorful book with simple text will allow the youngest readers to explore the physics of flight.

The concept taught is that birds and airplanes can fly based on the shape of their wings. Yes, it is a very simple explanation, but one that is appropriate for the intended age. This is a sturdy board book, meant for toddlers who are still a bit rough with their reading material and may even still attempt to taste their books. Toddlers often have trouble sitting still for a lengthy book and this one will just take minutes to read.

It is never too early to encourage scientific thought and this book does that in an enjoyable way. If you read it to an older preschooler, you just might spark an interest in delving deeper into the topic.

If you like Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, check out another board book by the same author, Baby Loves Quarks, that gives an introduction to nuclear physics. With both of these board books, Ruth Spiro has done an excellent job introducing complex topics in a simple and fun way.