Many staff members at our library love to travel and have had experiences around the world! Two staff members in particular, who have lived in England, like to relive memories through books and DVDs checked out through the library.

Brittany will pinch pennies for months, even years, to be able to travel around the world. The ‘travel bug’ bit her when she was 16 and visited Spain with her high school Spanish class. From there, she  traveled around Latin America, eventually living in Seville, Spain during her undergraduate studies and Bath, England during her master’s degree. England, especially, will always hold a special place in her heart. Living in Bath was a dream come true. Every corner held culture, history, and a view that could be straight out of a novel. Bath has one particularly famous resident, Jane Austen. What she saw while walking the streets of Bath is transformed into many of her novels.

When Brittany wants to be transformed back into Bath, she reads Pride and Prejudice, one of her favorite novels. The story follows Elizabeth Bennet who is trying to find her way living and growing up in the period of English Regency. Being one of the most popular novels in English literature, readers are transformed to that time period and can almost see and feel what life was like. There is always the option to watch the adaptation with Colin Firth!

Theresa lived in London, England for several years enjoyed the opportunity of working in the West End of Mayfair. She was fascinated by the history of the city, the museums, the parks and the lifestyles of the aristocracy. Although that was many years ago, she still has vivid memories of the people she met and the adventures she had.

Recently,Theresa discovered a television series that has rekindled memories of living and travelling throughout Europe. Murdock Mysteries is a lively series of forensic sleuthing that is very engaging and highly entertaining! Although it’s set in Toronto, Canada, it very much mimics life in England.

Detective William Murdock investigates crimes with the help of the charming Dr. Julia Ogden and extremely witty constable George Crabtree. Hot tempered Inspector Thomas Brackenfreid keeps me in stitches and the wardrobes are absolutely magnificent! Each episode transports Theresa back in time eliciting memories of the elegance of Mayfair, the bustle of the city, the grandeur of the fabulous museums and parks and the excitement of an adventure.  
The ability to time travel is real, all you need is a book (or movie) and a little imagination! Patrons can travel around the world and through the ages by exploring the different material the library has to offer!

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