Christine Maleno, Adult Services Programming Librarian, shares her latest movie recommendation:

thegoodlieThe Good Lie (2014) is a beautiful movie inspired by the Sudanese civil war that began in the ‘80s, and the Lost Boys of Sudan.  The story begins in Africa, focusing on 3 noble children—the sons and daughter of the village chief.  When Northern Sudanese soldiers kill most of the people in their village, only a small group of children survives.  It is then up to their new chief, himself a child, to lead them hundreds of miles across Sub-Saharan Africa to the safety of a refugee camp in Kenya.

Thirteen years later, four young people from this group are happily sent to the U. S. as refugees.  They soon discover though that this country is a totally alien place, with its strange customs and mystifying technology.  The film then centers on their struggle to adjust, while still maintaining their sense of dignity and humor, their unity and faith.  Reese Witherspoon is brilliant here as the put-upon job agency rep, who is assigned to find this odd and skill-less group gainful employment.  A bittersweet treat.

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