I must admit that it was my teenager who first “introduced” me to Sadie Robertson. As someone who has not watched an episode of Duck Dynasty, I had no idea why this teen was famous, but was able to comprehend that young people were holding her out as a role model. When my child further inquired about Sadie’s book, Live Original, I decided to give it a read. While ultimately this title is written by a teen for teens, there are some pearls of wisdom in the book that are worth sharing. My personal favorite bits of wisdom, ala Sadie:

live original“Thinking happy will not mess up your schedule, and it will not cost any money, but it will be the best investment you can make.”

“As teenagers, there are a lot of things you and I do not have control over. But we are 100 percent in control of the way we think, the way we feel, and the choices we make.”

“I’m interested in becoming a stronger person. To do that, I know I will have to persevere through situations that might tempt me to give up.”

As an adult who has seen child stars head down dark paths, I was on the lookout for things in the book that might suggest hidden agendas or that would indicate that all is not as it seems. I found nothing of the sort. While it may not be the most eloquently written literature I’ve ever read, the book really seems to serve its purpose as a reminder to teens that there is always a choice over how they respond to each moment in every single day. For that reason alone, it is worth checking out for fans of Duck Dynasty, Sadie, or for any teen (or adult) who just might need that extra reminder to take a deep breath before responding to what life throws their way.

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