goodkillingIn Allison Leotta’s latest novel, A Good Killing, readers get caught up in the unveiling of a plot to take down a small town hero who has preyed on young girls for decades.

Anna is a Washington DC prosecutor who has done her best to forget about the life she left behind in a Michigan town that is economically depressed and full of painful memories. When her sister, Jody, gets accused of murdering the beloved high school football coach, Anna drops everything to go home and defend her.

As Anna delves into the past and uncovers secrets long kept under wraps, she learns that several people had a reason to want the coach dead. Did Jody kill the coach in a jealous rage? Or was it the mother of a girl who recently committed suicide? What about the coach’s wife who was a former student and suspected him of multiple affairs? All of these questions get answered in the final chapters of this riveting and intense thriller.

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