This series is filled with friendship, camaraderie, knitting, sleuthing and enough food to put even the toughest critic into a food induced haze by the time the crimes have been solved. Of course, the ladies of the Seaside Knitters always pick up on the important clues and solve the crime or at least lead the authorities in the right direction. All the while knitting away the time and their anxiety.

Once you start the series, each book feels like you are back among friends picking up where you left off…except you know someone is about to die and more than likely one of your “friends” is going to be a suspect or the murder will take place near them. The predictability is part of the guilty pleasure of summer fluff reading and a part that I enjoy.

On the serious side of things, the books always include one pattern that a character has been working on in the book and a recipe for one of the dishes they enjoyed. While I have not made any of the dishes, I have tried a couple of the patterns and they are well-drawn.

So if you are looking for a new guilty pleasure for summer or, if like me, fluffy knitting murder mysteries are already one of yours, check out a Seaside Knitters Mystery today.

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