among the hiddenI am a third child who was raised on a farm, but the similarities between Luke Garner and me end there. Thankfully.

In the Among the Hidden, the first book in the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, third children have been outlawed as a means of population control following a severe drought and the resulting famine.  Luke, an illegal third child, has a “relatively” normal childhood growing up in the remote countryside until suburbia brings a housing development to his back door. Forced to stay inside all day away from windows, Luke grows increasingly restless until he eventually determines that a new neighbor also appears to have a hidden third child.

What this discovery means to Luke and his ultimate safety is the subject of the series. Geared toward a younger audience, these books are shorter, with less graphically detailed violence than your standard Dystopian read. While entertaining for adults, the books are perfectly geared toward elementary school readers. I highly recommend the series to third children everywhere.

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