keepingyouasecretThis phenomenal young adult novel, written by nationally recognized LGBTQ author Julie Anne Peters, introduces us to Holland, an overachieving high school senior, who is president of her student council, on the swim team, and dating one of her best friends, Seth. When the new girl, Cece, befriends Holland, the girls discover their friendship quickly developing into something more.

Peters did an excellent job of writing a book that explains what coming out is like for a whole cast of characters, not just the person who is discovering his/her sexuality. The ability for readers to sympathize with several of the main characters is part of why this book is so enjoyable and so fulfilling in the end. The story of Holland is both realistic and touching. It consists of well-developed characters who respond to the events surrounding them in unique and memorable ways. You can find an ebook copy of Keeping you a Secret on eRead Illinois.

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