the-last-policemanWhat would you do if you were 100% certain the world was going to end in six months? An asteroid is on a direct course to Earth and not only do we know that it will completely destroy the planet, but we even know what day it will happen.

On the brink of the apocalypse, society as we know it is falling apart. Many people are dropping their jobs to embark on fulfilling their bucket lists. Others are hiding out with their loved ones, enjoying the time they have left. Some seek religion and hole up in churches. Suicides are up, crime is rampant, and law enforcement is basically non-existent. What’s the point in anything if we are all going to die soon anyway?

Young detective Hank Palace is not giving up. In The Last Policeman┬áseries by Ben Winters, follow Detective Palace’s attempts to solve murders over the course of six months in a pre-apocalyptic world. He remains passionate about his work in a society that is quickly falling apart.

I had been looking forward to this summer’s release of the third and final installment and I was not disappointed. In World of Trouble, Palace is trying to track down his rebellious sister Nico in the final six days before the asteroid hits. This time, it’s deeply personal and increasingly desperate. I’ll give no spoilers about the ending except to say that is was a completely satisfactory ending to an interesting trilogy.┬áThese books can appeal to a wide variety of readers. It is a police procedural with a little science fiction thrown in and takes place in a dystopian society. These books also offer plenty of food for thought.

The Last Policeman Trilogy:

World of Trouble

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