I don’t know about any other couples out there, but it is nearly impossible for my husband and me to find a television show that we both enjoy. We recently stumbled across a hilarious and irreverent show you might have heard of called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And when I say stumbled, I am not joking. We turned it on while riding our stationary bikes and I just about fell off the bike because I was laughing so hard.

This comedy, starring Danny DeVito, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney (also the show’s creator), Kaitlin Olsen, and Glenn Howerton is about several friends who run an Irish pub in Philadelphia. The situations the characters find themselves in are reminiscent of shows like Seinfeld in that they exist to make people laugh and rarely move a larger plot forward. Now in season 10, this show has become one of the highest rated on FX. You can check out one of the seasons from the library, or stay up really late and watch reruns on WGN. Just don’t wake anyone up with your laughing! And try not to fall off an exercise bike.

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