After the Dark is a feature film version of the popular TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It for you non-preppers out there) party game, Would I Make the Cut?  It’s technically set almost entirely inside a Philosophy classroom in Indonesia, where a group of twenty (mostly) British and American students are on the verge of graduating.  Their teacher proposes a final thought experiment to finish out the year, but one with the potential to greatly affect their final grade if they choose not to participate.  Each student is given a slip of paper with a profession on it and then told to decide who among them should be allowed to occupy a doomsday shelter where they will have to spend the next year in the wake of a nuclear holocaust.  Oh, there are only 10 available slots.  Certain variables are adjusted and scenarios are played out to their conclusion.

It’s hard to say exactly who the movie’s target audience is.  The ideal viewer might well be an intelligent high schooler with a taste for the macabre.  It’s an odd cross between a glossy CW soap opera and The Hunger Games or Battle Royale.  Two parts youth in mortal danger, one part emotional melodrama. Regardless, I enjoyed the movie very much.  Presumably influenced by its Indonesian producers, the individual scenarios are set at that nation’s Angkor Wat and Mount Bromo, et al, lending an unexpected and welcome other worldliness to them.  And the young characters are allowed to be intelligent, which is all too rare in the movies. I was never quite sure where the movie was headed but the trip certainly wasn’t boring.

Hurry and check out this intriguing movie before it’s too late!

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