David and Goliath continues his effort to reframe how we see the world. For example, who really had the advantage? Was it David or Goliath, the Catholics in Northern Ireland or the British military during “The Troubles,” the Germans repeatedly bombing London in WWII or the persevering Londoners? You’d be right to anticipate Gladwell’s argument that conventional strength and size is not always the advantage it appears to be.

In another vein, Gladwell asks if an Ivy League school is the best choice for all top students or would a merely “very good” school be a better choice? Does severe dyslexia or the loss of a parent at a young age give some individuals the boost they need to become wildly successful entrepreneurs or inventors? These are just some of the many questions Gladwell tackles. He may not sell each argument 100%, but he raises some good points that are well worth the time needed to read and enjoy this compact volume.

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