I finally got around to reading a supernatural series that I had on my “to read” shelf on GoodReads for months now. These books are fun, lightning fast reads if you are looking for something to do over New Year’s break.

Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough introduces readers to the Greene family, rural outcasts who come into their “Talents” at a young age and spend the rest of their lives avoiding society. Some have the power of persuasion, others can freeze people into a coma like state with a mere touch to the forehead, and one boy can find anything, even if it means traveling back in time to uncover it. Imagine how hard it must be to live amongst such people and be the only one without a gift? That is what life is like for Tamsin Greene, whose Talent never appears despite her grandmother’s prophecy that Tamsin would be a beacon and would save them all. When Tamsin, determined to make a significant contribution to the family, agrees to help an NYU professor find an old clock, she unravels a long held grudge between two powerful families.

Alway a Witch, finds Tamsin on a quest to save her family from the evil Knight clan and destroy their powers once and for all. As Tamsin travels back in time to change the destiny of her family, she must make a difficult choice: sacrifice her most precious gift, or doom her family to extinction.  The dark powers of the Knight family are slowly unveiled as Tamsin witnesses unspeakable horrors taking place in their home in the late 1880s. With the help of the Knights’ fed up staff and Tamsin’s pig farming ancestors, the fate of both families comes to a satisfying conclusion.


Both of these titles are available for checkout as an ebook through Media on Demand. Physical copies can be found in our High School section.

Happy reading and Happy New Year!

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