A phone call from heaven?  That would be a phone call not to miss!

Mitch Albom hovers on the brink of believability as several characters in his new novel start to receive telephone calls from deceased family members. Is this divine intervention or a hoax? Why are these few people singled out to receive calls, and not others? Sully Harding, recently released from prison, returns home to his son and parents, only to be ensnared in the unfolding mystery. The unlikely ensemble of townsfolk have their own reasons for believing, and neither the local law enforcement or the band of investigative reporters can seem to uncover the truth.

The First Phone Call from Heaven is interspersed with explanations of the early days of the invention of the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell’s scientific studies that led to this important invention. Sometimes this particular background dialog detracts from the story, rather than adds to its depth.

Albom has again embarked on a controversial and thought-provoking mystery of contact with the afterlife that many of his readers enjoy. Since the success of his non-fiction book Tuesdays with Morrie, Albom has gone on to release several fiction titles that seem to have a tug of war with reality. He has focused on the choices people make, and his storytelling style allows the reader to contemplate how they would personally react if they were in the character’s mindset.

Other titles this author has written include:  The Time Keeper. If you want to stretch your imagination in a positive way, check out one of his books!

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