Teens and books are not always an instant connect. It takes some help from time to time to find the right book for the reader. Well, guess what? There is an app for it. YALSA, which is the Young Adult Library Services Association, has created an app for cell phones to access the past three years of YALSA’s awards and lists on their smartphones. This is a valuable tool to help teens, parents, librarians, educators or anyone who loves YA literature.

The app includes a homepage featuring three titles from the database which are refreshed each day. You can search for books by author, title, year, genre, award, and by booklist. There is a Favorites button to create an individualized booklist as well as the ability to share books from the Teen Book Finder on Twitter and Facebook.

Currently the app is only available for iPhones and iPads but an Android version is in the works for release in 2014.

Click here for more information and to download the app.

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