The Cornetto Trilogy consists of three humorous and violent movies spanning nine years with a core group of actors that appear in each film. Despite the plot disparities, the main actor, Simon Pegg, is always paired with his sidekick, played by Nick Frost, and these actors are a lot of fun to watch.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) Ineffectual appliance salesman Shaun (Pegg) is mocked by his coworkers and bumbles through life with his best friend, uber-slacker, Ed (Frost). Shaun finds a new purpose in life when zombies take over the town and he turns out to be very good at fighting zombies, wielding a cricket bat in deadly fashion and exhibiting previously unthinkable athletic and leadership abilities. In a nice touch, after an arrow to the head, Shaun ends up wearing a Rambo-style bandana as he fights for his life.

Hot Fuzz (2007) Not as fast-paced as Shaun, but still amusing – uptight, high-achieving London police inspector Nicholas Angel (Pegg), seen as a threat to his more relaxed colleagues is “promoted” to a sleepy village police force where he meets a possible ally, Danny Butterman (Frost), a rookie cop and son of the head of police. A sudden rash of deaths in town has Angel suspecting murder despite the strenuous and increasingly ridiculous objections of the cheerful townspeople who insist that all the deaths are accidental. When Angel finally uncovers the town’s dark secret, all heck breaks loose.

The World’s End (currently in theaters) is the name of the twelfth and final pub that completes the Golden Mile of pubs in Gary King’s English hometown of Newton Haven. In 1990, King (Pegg) and four friends, including estranged former best-buddy Andrew (Frost, again) failed to complete the Golden Mile which entails drinking a pint at each of the pubs, culminating at the World’s End. Gary, just out of rehab and still reliving in his late 1980’s glory days, decides to round up the old gang in an effort to finally drink their way through the Golden Mile. Needless to say, the plot takes a few interesting turns and the friends all end up fighting for their lives against…..I’ll never tell!

The trilogy features lots of running gags (literally, these characters should avoid trying to jump fences) and the consumption of Cornettos.  The Cornetto trilogy is good-natured fun with a heavy dose of bloody mayhem. I look forward to the next project this talented group puts together.


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