Organizing…downsizing…packing…moving! Those are all words that can make the most confident person quake with fear. Trust me, I know. I am in the middle of squeezing the old house into the new townhouse. All of those initial thoughts of how easy it would be to sort and pack have long since disappeared, and I now realize that I need help. Where do I turn for this help? The library, of course! I am a librarian after all!

When I first started looking for information I was a little put out. Many of the books were about seniors downsizing and decluttering the home. Then I realized two things; I wasn’t as far away from becoming a “senior” as I would like to be, and that the tips and tricks for downsizing work whether you are 27 (I’m not) or  77 (not there either!). So I pulled out the library card and started checking them out.

Here are some books you might find helpful if you are in the mood to declutter, organize and/or downsize your belongings.

Now you will have to excuse me, I need to go pack!