I’ve always loved thrillers, mysteries and adventure stories, especially ones that get my adrenaline pumping. One such series in the J book section is Conspiracy 365, written by Gabrielle Lord.

Imagine the following scenario:

It’s approaching noon on New Year’s Eve. You’re walking to your home when you are approached by a strange man who appears delusional. The man proceeds to tell you, “They killed your father. They’re killing me… Get out. Get away… You have 365 days….you must… for Tom. ”  (Tom is your deceased father’s name.) The man is then carted away by paramedics.

The next day, your boat capsizes during a storm, your life jacket seems to pull you under the water (rather than hold you up), and you find out that your house was broken into.  Oh, by the way, did I mention that you are only 16?

That is the premise of the Conspiracy 365 series which is set in Australia. The books are fast-paced and gritty thrillers, with enough realism to not be classified in the science fiction genre.  As the reader, you are along-for-the-ride with protagonist Cal during each twist and turn. You learn, when he does, who can be trusted and who can’t… while not everyone makes it out alive.  The books are great for reluctant readers who are fans of TV dramas like Castle.  The series itself is a sort of countdown of the 365 days with each month being a new book title. Double crosses, mob bosses, private investigators, technology, grave yards, and cliff-hangers abound throughout the series.  Housed In the J section of the WPL, I’d recommend this series for grades 6 and up.

Can you solve the mystery of the conspiracy before Cal does?  Read it, and find out.

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