What do you get if you take one magic wolf named Storm and give him the ability to transform into a cute and cuddly puppy that searches out kids in need? You get the popular Magic Puppy series written by Sue Bentley. This series of early chapter books features Storm, the future leader of Moonclaw pack, who is pursued by an evil magic wolf, Shadow. Storm’s magic includes the ability to transform into cute and cuddly puppies that appear in our world to help children in need. In each book, Storm transforms into a different breed of puppy as he goes about helping a new child. These books, averaging just over 100 pages each, are appropriate for kids as they transition from picture books to chapter books.

It is worth noting that we have this series due to patron requests for the titles. While no library can carry every book ever written, we do value your input on our collections. We noticed, in late May, that several patrons were requesting the same series of books. In researching those titles throughout our consortium of libraries, we discovered that these books were indeed circulating well at other libraries. So, we purchased them. It is really that simple. We have several other new or recently expanded series in the J Fiction section of the library that are direct results of patron requests: Theodosia Throckmorton.

So, please keep letting us know what you are looking for. We’ll listen.

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